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 E' con piacere che proponiamo la versione inglese dell'articolo già pubblicato alcune settimane orsono da Anna e Maria Sciacca. Questo per dare una valenza al loro lavoro ed alla loro puntuale collaborazione.



“Taxi driver” film prized with the Palm d’Or at Cannes Film Festival in 1976 and with the Academy Award  and Golden Globe nominations, celebrated its fortieth anniversary with a special edition realized by Sony  Pictures Home Entertainment  and distributed by Universal Pictures.

The film was screened at New York’s Beacon Theatre during the Tribeca Film Festival with the participation of the actors:  Robert  De Niro,  Jodie Foster,  Cybill Shepherd  came together  on stage  with director Martin Scorsese and screenwriter Paul Schrader in a conversation with the audience.

On a sax sound, we see a fascinating night view of the city,  in the  sparkling coloured  lights  of nightclubs and restaurants, the buildings,  the people on the streets, flowing through  the intimate thoughts of a taxi driver behind the windows of his cab, while he drives on wide metropolitan roads that intersect between New York districts.

“Taxi driver” is a psychological thriller in which the actor Robert De Niro plays one of the greatest characters of his film career,  Travis Bickle a  veteran from Vietnam war, a quiet, lonely taxi driver who watches daytime television in his squalid apartment,  he sees porn films at some seedy theaters and at night he travels with his  cab, meeting every kind of people.  On his rounds by taxi, he takes a coffee break with other cabbies at the table of a restaurant,  talking with them outside on the sidewalks.

Travis Bickle while is walking, he sees behind a window office, a woman who works on a campaign for a senator  to  presidential  candidature of  U.S.A.

Trying to know the woman, he invites her to have coffee and pie with him then he takes her to a porn film, but after an awkward appointment  she decides not to meet him again.

Bickle feels himself a social outcast,  in a society where citizens are often deceived by politicians  who make many promises and hardly act in the public interest. His personal affairs with the social differences and moral degradation he sees around, provoking in him an explosion of anger and rebellion that he manifests  when in the house he maneuvers a weapon, and he talks  to himself,   showing  mentally unstable.

He thinks he must do something of important for the society and he meets a weapon dealer at a motel, where he buys guns and rifles in order to clean up the city by corruption and crime, he shoots during a robbery at a supermarket,  he manages to rescue a girl from a  sleazy drug and prostitution environment  then he organizes to shoot to the senator  during  a political  rally, representing for him the whole hypocrisy of society.


“I’m very proud to have worked on this film”, said Robert De Niro founder along with other members of the Tribeca Film Festival.











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